Top 5 Golf Courses


In this article we are going to show you a five courses where you can have a great experience by playing golf. In all these golf courses we take into course architecture, account playability, originality, scenery. So let us start with the first one:

  1. La Mesilla, New Mexico – Black Mesa Golf Club

golf_destination_2Most of the golf players said that this course stolen their golf heart. This course will give you the most enjoyment of playing golf. On this course, when you play golf you will value on every shot, on every hole. On this course – there are no sleeper holes and there are no boring shots. Combined of the scenery and serenity of a high New Mexico desert, there is no place like this one. By the way this course had some maintenance issues recently but the staff is working hard to bring back the course back to the condition. This is the number one course in New Mexico.

  1. Kingsbarns Golf Links – Kingsbarns, Scotland

WebKingsbarns12Another great course is the magnificent Kingsbarns Golf Links. You can get to this course by a short 15 minute drive from the town of St. Andrews. We could spend the rest of this month just to describe how beautiful this layout is with a lot of waterside holes which looks over the North Sea. The course architecture at Kingsbarns is amazing. The facilities are tremendous.

  1. Carnoustie Golf Links – Carnoustie, Scotland

maar01_carnoustieCarnoustie Golf Links will offer you the most satisfying and amazing golf experiences to play golf. This is one of the toughest golf courses in the world. The bunkering on this golf course is incredible to play and even to see it.  The layout is challenging, especially when the wind blows, but it is very enjoyable. It is a thrill to play to this course. The layout at Carnoustie is spectacular.

  1. The Old Course – St. Andrews, Scotland

STAHOTThe fourth place goes to the Old Course. This is the most unique golf course for playing. the feeling to play on this course is amazing. The architecture of the course is amazing bunkering, shared greens, criss-crossing holes, weather, wind, cadies, history. . . All the greatest players the game of golf has ever seen have competed and won on this course.

  1. Ballyneal – Holyoke, Colorado

image-twoAnd the fifth place goes to the Ballyneal – Holyoke, Colorado. Amazing golf architect, Tom Toak built in a set of dunes in the middle of the flat plains of central USA is marvelous.  The course is great for playing. The layout and routing found a great path through the unique hills located in the middle of thousands of acres of cornfields.

These are the top five golf courses where you can enjoy and play golf whole day long. If you have an opportunity in your life you should go and visit those places, especially if you are a big fan of golf, or if you are a golf player. These tremendous courses will take your breath away and you will feel amazing just to be thee and enjoy in your favorite game – golf.